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Feeling good starts with wellness appliances from Bosch

Feeling good starts with wellness appliances from Bosch.

Our bathroom scales, foot spas and heating pads for creating your personal wellness area at home.

Bathroom scales from Bosch – keeping all your values in check

Bathroom scales from Bosch – keeping all your values in check.

With bathroom scales from Bosch, you are always in the know about your fitness level. This is because our analyser scales not only show you your exact weight, but also your body mass index, bone mass and body fat percentage.

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Heating pads and heating underblankets from Bosch

Heating pads and heating underblankets from Bosch.

Our heating pads and heating underblankets help to relieve tension and promote circulation.

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Relax in comfort: Bosch foot spa

Relax in comfort with the Bosch spa foot bath.

Our foot spa is a pedicure centre with massage balls, a massage brush and pumice stone. It has a practical drainage opening and is easy to store.

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Bosch instantaneous water heaters and boilers.

Water exactly as you need it: Bosch instantaneous water heaters and boilers.

Our instantaneous water heaters and boilers provide you with hot water quickly, efficiently and reliably. Enjoy hot water in the bathroom, shower and kitchen at any time.

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 Bosch air conditioners.

Maximum efficiency with minimum consumption: Bosch air conditioners.

With Bosch air conditioners, you can combine comfortable temperatures with maximum efficiency. Because thanks to our innovative technologies, our air conditioners use minimal energy to product an outstanding performance. With their attractive design, Bosch air conditioners always look smart too.

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 Bosch drinking water dispensers.

Always refreshed: with Bosch drinking water dispensers.

With Bosch drinking water dispensers, you can enjoy fresh drinking water any time – at home or in the office. Depending on the model, our drinking water dispensers can even provide you with hot water as well as cold.

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Wellness starts with Bosch

Home comfort starts with Bosch.

Our home appliances are intended to help maintain and improve your well-being as effectively as possible. With Bosch heating pads and heating underblankets, for example, you can reduce muscle tension. And our bathroom scales will help you always to keep an eye on your fitness level and to consciously improve it if you wish.

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