Bagless vacuum cleaners

Bagless with no follow-up costs.

The bagless Bosch Zoo’o ProAnimal is perfectly suited to all surfaces, and even thoroughly removes animal hairs from upholstered furniture, carpets and fabrics. Thanks to its unique Sensor Bagless Technology™ it is incredibly powerful, as well as quiet. So it'll keep your four-legged friends happy too!

Zoo’o ProAnimal models
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For pet lovers: 30% faster cleaning*. No cable.

For pet lovers: 30% faster cleaning*. No cable.

The ProAnimal turbo brush specially optimised for carpets and the powerful motor will remove animal hairs quickly and efficiently. The 360™ nozzle set, comprising a Zoo'o ProAnimal turbo nozzle, hard floor nozzle and upholstery nozzle, make vacuuming significantly easier and more effective.

*Fibre pick-up on carpet according to IEC 60312-1:2011-11 in comparison to a Bosch BGL3C235 cylinder vacuum cleaner with turbo brush.

AirTurbo system

AirTurbo system

The AirTurbo system means that the Zoo’o ProAnimal vacuums especially powerfully and thoroughly: the large diameter of the air channels makes it possible to generate a large volume of air. The energy-saving and high-performance motor guarantees the power needed to drive the turbo brush. TurboDriveTM ensures that the vacuum cleaner's power is efficiently transmitted to the brush.

Intelligent self-cleaning with sensor control
Intelligent self-cleaning with sensor control

Intelligent self-cleaning with SmartSensor Control

An integrated sensor continually monitors the cleaning performance. When necessary, this sensor automatically activates the innovative self-cleaning system, which returns the Zoo’o ProAnimal to its optimum performance level.

No bag. No follow-up costs.

No bag. No follow-up costs.

The washable HEPA hygiene filter and cartridge filter with GoreTMCLEANSTREAM membrane last for an entire appliance lifetime. No need to keep buying expensive dust bags.

Zoo’o ProAnimal

Zoo’o ProAnimal with bag

Perfect for allergy sufferers thanks to bionic anti-odour filter and hygienic PowerProtect dust bag.

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שואב אבק אלחוטי Zoo’o ProAnimal

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